Every time you think you’ve endured all the tests that cycling can offer, there are inevitably more to come.  We’ve all be through the disappointment of being dropped to high heart rates and high speeds, riding in extreme conditions, getting lost, and this sport being hard.

A few days later all those bad thoughts are gone and you are inspired to try harder.  I recently started a ride on minimal sleep, but shrugged it off that is was part of the training.  It was brutal setting an alarm for two hours after going to bed!

I got up at 3 AM and was ride ready by 6 AM, with 40 other people willing to ride 257 miles.  The sunrise was only the beginning of what would become an amazing day.  The colors were like they were part of a watercolor.  Everything was perfect, I felt great, and had high expectations.

About halfway through the trip I took down some fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  During the 90 minutes I was at the KFC I only saw five cyclists rip by me.  I knew there were already two others ahead.

I thought the lunch was positioned perfectly because a 12 mile climb was coming quick.  I stashed some extra clothing and lights to limit the dead weight, but this was my first sign of trouble.  My foot was throbbing, swollen, and in pain with each stroke.

The climb finally finished in a beautiful town.  I made a quick stop at a gas station to get our cards signed, guzzle water, and prepare for a long descent.  It’s amazing how good that long descent felt.  I was able to sit there and glide until the road took a turn upwards.  The wind was on my face and the tires swooshing was a soothing sound.


Now it was approaching night so I needed my lights.  Mine are very nice and light up the entire road.  I’m sure I looked like a motorcycle to any approaching cars.  The problem is that they only last about four hours.

I did have a problem thought.  My bike started rattling and bouncing and shaking. I tried slowing down, but then ran into a pothole.  It knocked out my headlights, but it was only unplugged and not broken.

At this point I had survived back pain, foot pain, cold temperatures, and now it started raining.  It wasn’t a drizzle either but a downpour.  I almost didn’t need my headlights any more due to all of the lightening.

Making matters worse was it started hailing.  Hard, clear marbles were being thrown onto the pavement.  I just missed being struck by lightning.

During all of this excitement I had forgotten to eat and was near starving.  My body was trembling and I was dizzy, disoriented, sleepy, and even hallucinating.

I started signing to myself to try and stay awake and distract myself.  It seemed to work.  I also luckily found half a candy bar in my pocket to give me a boost of energy.

This was the time when I had to really dig deep.  I was tired.  Hungry.  Cold.  Wet.  But I had to keep going to make the finish line.

Soon, I saw an oasis.  There was a Wal-Mart up ahead.  We rolled in soaked, freezing and starving.  I made a turkey sandwich and then ate it quicker than any in my life.  I took a quick 20 minute nap to recharge the batteries, then bought warm, dry clothes.

I needed to get going so I could get to the hotel, shower, and sleep before checking out. So, I took off and let my cold, wet clothes to pickup later.  I rushed to finish before the rain started again, but I still got caught in some with 10 miles to go.

Finally, I reach the hotel nearly 24 hours after I had begun.  I finished fifth and never wanted to ride again.  Everyone was thinking the same thing.



Helping One Dollar At A Time.

NOTE Additional sponsor benefits included at these events with $1,500 or more toward our RAAM sponsorship.

12 Hours of Temecula — January

Raced Solo at the 12 hours of Temecula. I have not been on my Mt Bike, but maybe 3 or 4 times in the last year. I finished in 3rd place.

24 Hours of Sebring—Sebring, FL—Sat., February 17

► Raced Sebring, FL 24 hour Road Race Solo – Wendy came in 1st place set new record for her age group. 338.1 miles. Pete came in 2nd in his age group at 376.9 miles. See Sebring 24 Pictures

Mayor’s Ride to the Capitol—Atlanta—Tuesday March 6

Guest VIPs and introduction at the event as RAAM competitors

Distribution of sponsor samples and/or brochures to participants

Public recognition of sponsors
24-Hour RAAM Challenge at Gold’s Gym—Acworth, GA—Tuesday and Wednesday, March 6th and 7th

After the Mayor’s ride we will relocate to the Gold’s Gym in Acworth, GA. We’ll then start our 24 hour stationary bike RAAM Challenge. Do come by and visit.

Will be working in conjunction with the the Acworth Cobb County Fire Department with fund raising to assist the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation. We’ll also have raffle prizes available.

Distribution of sponsor samples and/or brochures to participants

Public recognition of sponsors

Placement of your company’s banner at event
Heart of the South 500—Birmingham, AL—March 30-April 1

Sponsor banner on support vehicle to be displayed for 500 miles from Birmingham, AL to Ellijay, GA and back at an average of 12 to 14 mph

Distribution of sponsor samples and/or brochures to racers
Georgia Brevet Series—Atlanta—April 14-May 27  (alternating weekends)

Distribution of sponsor samples and/or brochures to racers
Furnace Creek 508—Death Valley, CA—October 5-7

Sponsor banner on support vehicle

Distribution of sponsor samples and/or brochures to racers

Training Sessions

Additional sponsor benefits included during our training sessions with $1,500 or more toward our RAAM sponsorship.

Wendy – Will be riding the below routes
Pete – Will be riding the below routes

BA Loop or PAW Loop


Airport Ride or GAPS

Other Days of the week are open to any riding areas.  If you want to join me, email me at the below email.
Tuesday and Thursday

Rancho San Diego to Alpine Loop

Saturday and Sunday

Long rides of at least 100 miles

Other Days of the week are open to any riding areas.  If you want to join me, email me at the below email.
When in town – we ride up to Alpine and look at all the fall colors


Now just because we like cycling doesn’t mean that we don’t like other sports.  In fact, both of us are big fans of the NFL.  The updated win totals in Vegas show there are four teams with the highest win totals.  It’s the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Carolina Panthers all at 10.5 wins for 2016.

It’s pretty easy to see why.  The Patriots have proven year after year that they are going to be contenders in the AFC East and the playoff in general.  While the Buffalo Bills and NY Jets are both seen as likely to get to eight win, it’s clearly New England’s division to lose.

Out West the defending champion Denver Broncos are expected to have the most wins at 9.5.  But, the Kansas City Chiefs are a close second at 9.  The Oakland Raiders should be improved and the San Diego Chargers aren’t terrible.  This is going to be a division to watch.

The AFC North has three good teams and then the worst in all of football.  Cleveland is down to 4.5 expected wins, one full win below any other team.  The Steelers are always good, the Cincinnati Bengals have moved from a laughing stock to a team that consistently makes the playoffs, and the Baltimore Ravens will hover close to .500.

The AFC South is kind of a hot mess right now.  The Indianapolis Colts were a darling last year, but really struggled.  They are the best team at 8.5 projected wins.  The Houston Texans are at 8, then it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars at 6 and the Tennessee Titans at 5.5.  Overall this is the weakest division.

For the NFC the East should be very competitive.  The Cowboys are the highest projected with 9 wins, but the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins all have 7.5 wins in the projections.

The NFC West is pretty top heavy.  There are the Seahawks at 10.5, but closely followed by the Arizona Cardinals at 9.5.  The LA Rams are supposed to open up their franchise’s move with 7 wins, while the San Francisco 49ers are the duds in the division with around five losses.

The NFC North is pretty competitive too.  The Green Bay Packers dealt with injuries last year, but if healthy 10.5 wins is expected.  The Minnesota Vikings are pushing forward with 9 wins, but the Detroit Lions at 7 and the Chicago Bears at 6.5 make the bottom two teams very beatable.

The NFC South belongs to the Carolina Panthers.  Their win total is set 3.5 higher than the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring up the rear with 6.5 expected wins.

The favorites to win it all are the Panthers, Patriots, and Seahawks at 9/1.  The Packers and Steelers are close behind at 12/1 and the Cardinals are at 14/1.  Fore the complete list of Super Bowl odds visit Boyds Bets.