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About Pete & Wendy

Pete grew up in Dallas, went to school at the University of Texas, and now works at an accounting firm in the Dallas area.  Even when he was a Longhorn, Sundays trumped the action of Saturday college games.  There is just something about the professionals, how they hit, how well they through, how well they have to execute their game plan with razor thin margins separating winning from losing.

Unfortunately for his wife, Cowboy fever was contagious.  She was always a football fan, but after growing up in Austin was more of a Longhorn fan.  However, her husband has converted her to full on Blue and Silver.  Now she doesn’t miss a game.

The family travels to the stadium on most home Sundays, but definitely are known to host family and friends at their house when the team is out of Dallas and on the road.

Now the couple couldn’t contain themselves.  It’s as if they don’t get enough talking about the team when they are together.  Now, they are going to write out their thoughts and opinions with this blog.  They hope that everyone enjoys reading their passionate scribes as much as they enjoy writing them!

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